General Information

Professional Recognition Process
Malta Medical Council


Entity name: 

Malta Medical Council

Contact Data: 

Address: Medical Council

                      St Luke's Hospital
                      OPD (Level 1), St. Luke's Square
                      Pieta' - Malta
                      PTA 1010


(+356) 21255540


Web url:


Requirements and Documents needed
Medical degree that is recognised in EU
Fluent English and Maltese
Working permit (for non-EU)


Directive 2005/36/EC Applicability: 

All qualifications obtained in the EU are recognized in Malta

Deadlines and Duration
When there is a call for application there is usually a deadline which is usually 3 weeks



Re-certification required: 

Not applicable

Re-certification Information: 

Not applicable.

Internship required?: 
How long does it last and what are the conditions to start with it and to finish it?: 
2 years.
More information on 
Is it required to start with postgraduate medical training?: 


What is the procedure for a foreign doctor to start with it?: 
Application process starts towards the end of September of every year.
Application forms, terms and conditions can be found on
Postgraduate Medical Training
Ministry for Health
Entity name: 

Ministry for Health

Enrollment requirements: 

When applying for a training job the requirements will be found on the call for
application. Since these are different for different jobs you should look up
the actual call which is always online at


Selection Process Description: 


Application Deadlines: 

Usually after 3 weeks after call but this information will be available when the call is out

Funding of PGT (government-funded/funded by tax/included in healthcare insurance, etc.): 

By Government.

Existent Medical Degrees
Medical Degrees: 

MD in Malta. Those attaining specialist status will have the CCST (Certificate of Completion of
Specialist Training)

More information:
University of Malta:
Specialisation: SAC:



Working Conditions
Salary Gross/Brutto (basic, no oncalls included, in EUR): 

HST with 4 on-calls per month: €49,000 Resident Specialist with 3 on-calls per month: €77,000 These rates are based on the latest Collective Agreement between the Medical Association of Malta and the Public Service

Used taxation scales, and (if known) average taxation percentage applied to salary: 
Paid Overtime: 
Type of Contracts: 

Training contracts are for a maximum of 4 years for Foundation Training, 4 years for Basic Specialist Training, and limited to 10 years total for Basic + Higher Specialist Training. Contracts for Specialists and Consultants and indefinite.

Sick Leave: 
Sick leave info: 

Two working weeks per year.

Paid vacation: 
Vacation info: 

208 hours per year

Maternity leave: 
Maternity leave info: 

An employee may apply for maternity leave for an uninterrupted period of fourteen weeks. She has to notify the employer at least four weeks before the maternity leave begins, in so far as is reasonably practicable.

Maternity leave is availed of as follows:

(a) six weeks of the maternity leave entitlement to be taken compulsorily immediately after the date of confinement;

(b) four weeks of maternity leave to be availed of immediately before the expected date of confinement, unless agreed otherwise between the employer and the employee;

(c) the remaining balance of entitlement to be availed of, in whole or in part, either immediately before or immediately after the above periods, as the employee may request:

If she is unable to avail herself of the maternity leave entitlement before the date of confinement, the balance of entitlement may be used after confinement.

An employee on maternity leave shall be entitled to 14 weeks maternity leave with full wages.

Type of healthcare – healthcare for free National health system or Health Insurance: 
Free NHS
Other Information
Acceptance of foreign trainees for short term: 

Same contract conditions as for Maltese (if EU)

Mandatory Insurance required (for malpractice): 
Who is responsible for the damage immaterial and material: 

For civil suits, Government insures the doctor.

Perspective towards migration of Healthcare Professionals and additional information: 


Updating of information
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Person providing the data and contact (must include e-mail adress): 

Sascha Reiff