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Representing over 300.000 Junior Doctors all over Europe the EJD‘s initial objective includes safeguarding the interests of the Junior Doctors in Europe by improving the working conditions, the mobility in the profession and set standards regarding the quality of postgraduate medical training.

13. November 2019

Motion of Support for Lithuanian Junior Doctors

In the context of recent unfortunate events in Lithuania, the European Junior Doctors Association (EJD) expresses their support for the Lithuanian medical community’s efforts to establish a culture of wellbeing in the healthcare sector. 

EJD supports the actions of the Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association to advocate for healthy working environment interventions not only on the individual level, but also on the level of both the employer and the government. EJD supports the Lithuanian call for effective competence-based postgraduate medical education created collaboratively with junior doctors and encourages all stakeholders to take responsibility for the future of Lithuanian healthcare and to remember that in order to take care of patients, it is crucial to first take care of doctors. 

04. November 2019

Motion of Support for Latvian Junior Doctors

On January 1st 2018 the Parliament of Latvia approved the Health Care Financing Law. The ongoing salary increase for medical professionals is at great risk as, despite the Latvian government prioritizing health care politically, this is not reflected in the health budget and will not occur if the new budget of 2020 is approved.

The Latvian Junior Doctors Association (LJDA) and other medical social partners demand the Latvian parliament and Cabinet of Ministers uphold the Health Care Financing Law and honour the increase in the salary of medical professionals. The European Junior Doctors’ Association (EJD) strongly believes that this situation is not acceptable and puts both healthcare financing and the healthcare workforce at risk in Latvia.

EJD supports the demands of LJDA and Latvian medical professionals and their protest actions against the Latvian parliament and Cabinet of Ministers and calls upon the Latvian parliament to obey the Health Care Financing Law that is crucial for a sustainable workforce and healthcare system.

22. May 2019

Recognition of Professional Qualifications in the Event of a “No Deal” Brexit

With over 2,000 non-UK EEA nationals currently studying medicine in the UK, we call on European governments and competent authorities to take the necessary measures to facilitate the timely registration of UK qualified doctors/EU citizens seeking to practise in continental Europe in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit. In addition to helping promote professional mobility across Europe, it is quite simply the humane course of action to take; students, be they EEA or UK nationals, who took up places in British medical schools in good faith pre-Brexit do not deserve to be penalised due to the actions of politicians.​

16. May 2019

Motion of support: Solidarity and support for doctors in communal hospitals in Germany fighting for better working conditions

European Junior Doctors’ Association (EJD) expresses solidarity and support for doctors in communal hospitals in Germany, fighting for better working conditions. After several lengthy negotiation rounds with the employers’ association of the communal hospitals, almost no significant progress has been made.

16. August 2018

Statement to support the decision to reverse the erasure of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Gaba from the UK medical register

The European Junior Doctors Association (EJD) welcomes the decision to reverse the erasure of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Gaba from the UK medical register. This decision does not diminish the tragic and unexpected death of the patient involved and we continue to send our condolences to his family.