Czech Republic

General Information

Professional Recognition Process
Ministry of a Health 


Entity name: 

Ministry of a Health of Czech republic

Contact Data: 

Ministerstvo zdravotnictví
        Palackého nám. 4
          128 01 Praha 2

Requirements and Documents needed

Automatic recognition: Diplomas corresponding to Directive 2005/36/EC are recognised automatically in Czech on the condition that applicants provide certificates issued by the competent authority (Czech Medical Chamber).

Licences and credits, which are rocognised by local authority (Medical chamber f.e.) are needed.



Directive 2005/36/EC Applicability: 


Other Requirements: 

- Full legal capacity
- Proof of good character and repute
- Fitness to practice (health condition)
- Sufficient knowledge of the Czech language

Deadlines and Duration
There is no application deadline.
Normaly, it takes appr. 2 months


Re-certification required: 


Re-certification Information: 

Not for individual doctors, but doctors who stopted or broked  their own practice. 

Internship required?: 
How long does it last and what are the conditions to start with it and to finish it?: 

Czech republic currently does not have a system where an internship is obligatory before the award of the license to practice.

Is it required to start with postgraduate medical training?: 


What is the procedure for a foreign doctor to start with it?: 

They normaly start with their work on department in a hospital or in a ambulancy, fully included.

Postgraduate Medical Training


Entity name: 

Ministry of a Health of Czech republic

After a successful finishing of 2-years period (common branch) the doctor is getting grown up into a self-responsible one.
But he is still not fully educated as a specialist at the moment.
Itś necessary to go on for next ´2-4 years depended on the kind of a specialization.
The shortest education program is created for GPs (4 yerars totaly)
Selection Process Description: 

Depends on the employer and position

Application Deadlines: 

Depends on the employer



In the journal of the Czech Medical Chamber


Funding of PGT (government-funded/funded by tax/included in healthcare insurance, etc.): 

Outside within the scope of employment relationships.

Scientific Associations: 

There is a large number of scientific associations for most medical specialties in Czech


Existent Medical Degrees

Six public medical universities offer the possibility to complete medical studies.

Upon completion of studies, graduates are awarded the title of „doctor medicinaeuniversae“, (MUDr.)

Working Conditions
Salary Gross/Brutto (basic, no oncalls included, in EUR): 

750 € - Doctor in a training 1143 € selfresponsible doctor

Used taxation scales, and (if known) average taxation percentage applied to salary: 

33 %

Paid Overtime: 
Type of Contracts: 

Different contract schemes depending on the type of public services law applied

Sick Leave: 
Sick leave info: 

First 3 days of a sick leave are fully payed by employer.

The following ones are covered by a social system – approx 60% of a salary per day. If the sick leave is prolonged more than 6 months, the  reeximanition must be done.

Paid vacation: 
Vacation info: 

Vacation is fully payed. Five weeks of vacation/year.

Maternity leave: 
Maternity leave info: 

It can last for 3 years.

Social security system like unemployment benefits: 


Type of healthcare – healthcare for free National health system or Health Insurance: 

Fully obligatory, fix tax. 6 healthcare insurances in Czech.

The biggest one fully in state hands, the rest of them private, but under suspection of a state.

There is no right commertional health insurence in Czech.

Other Information
Training Center Acreditation: 

Uni clinics for specialists, some  basic center run in local hospitals under authorization (acreditation) of a state.

Acceptance of foreign trainees for short term: 


Mandatory Insurance required (for malpractice): 
Who is responsible for the damage immaterial and material: 

Obligatory isurance is for private doctors only. Voluntary for the rest of them. The employees are basicly included or covered by an employer.

If the investigation makes clear, the doctor is guilty, the costs must be payed himselfs. 

Is there a difference in cases of civil claims and/or criminal procedures and/or disciplinary procedures?: 

Written above.

Perspective towards migration of Healthcare Professionals and additional information: 

The Czech doctors are leaving the country and go abroad.

The target  countries are Austria, Germany and UK.

To go directly to USA is a rary case. The number of them is approx. 400 every year.

Updating of information
Last date this information was checked: 

10th of may 2014

Person providing the data and contact (must include e-mail adress): 

Tomáš Šindler, member of a board of CMC