UEMS Representatives

Collaboration between the EJD and the UEMS has existed for several years in the form of formal and informal agreements that have benefited both institutions and, above all, the quality of medical training of European junior doctors. The EJD send Representatives to the UEMS Boards, Sections and Multidisciplinary Joint Committees (MJC) as the input of doctors in training in the matters of postgraduate medical training is considered of paramount importance for both institutions. They EJD representative shall also be invited to be part of the PGT visiting committees of their Boards, Sections and MJC.

Symbol image UEMS workflow and responsibilities

Workflow and Responsibilities

Workflow and Responsibilities of EJD representatives to European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

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Nomination and Election

Nomination and Election procedure of EJD representatives to European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

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EJD / UEMS Collaboration

Representatives to UEMS Boards, Sections and MJC's

Meet our UEMS Representatives. For more information, click on the title you're interested in.

Adolescent Medicine (MJC)

Bompou Maria-Eleni Greece (until 31.10.2020)


Representative, Norte Gustavo Portugal (until 31.10.2021)

Vice-Representative, Filipone Francesco Finland (until 31.10.2021)


Representative, Feras El-Hamid Germany (until 31.10.2021)

Clinical Genetics

Representative, Šablauskas Karolis Lithuania (until 31.10.2020)

Vice - Representative  te Rijdt Wouter P.  Netherlands (until 31.10.2021)

Dermatology and Venereology

Representative, Alina Vilkaite, Lithuania (until 31.10.2021)

Vice - Representative, Mandi Despina, Greece (until 31.10.2021)

Emergency Medicine

Representative, Olivier Le Pennetier, France (until 31.05.2021)

Vice-Representative, Frauke Gundlach, Germany (until 31.10.2021)


Representative, Agne Kadusauskiene Lithuania (until 31.05.2020)


Representative, Grobbee Elisabeth Netherlands (until 31.10.2020)

Vice-Representative, Vos Christine Netherlands (until 31.10.2020)

Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Representative, Konstantinos Louis Greece (until 31.05.2020)

Intensive Care Medicine (MJC)

Representative, Jonė Jacevičiūtė, Lithuania (until 31.05.2021)

Internal Medicine

Representative, Frauke Gundlach Germany (until 31.05.2020)

Laboratory Medicine and Medical Biopathology

Representative, Dias Raquel Portugal (until 31.05.2020)


Representative, Nadine Vogelsang Germany (until 31.10.2019)


Representative, Vytenis Šimėnas Lithuania (until 31.05.2020)

Vice-Representative, Ieva Glàzere Latvia (until 31.05.2020)


Representative, Correia Manuel, Portugal (until 31.05.2021)


Representative, Rassenen Ina, Finland (until 31.10.2021)

Occupational Medicine

Representative, Kallio Johannes Finland (until 31.05.2020)

Vice - Representative, Tuovinen Eeva-Liisa, Finland (until 31.10.2021)


Representative, Mariana Brandão Portugal (until 31.10.2018)

Vice-Representative, Rille Pihlak Estonia (until 31.05.2019)

Oncology (MCJ)

Representative, Pihlak Rille Estonia (until 31.10.2020)


Representative, Paterno Jussi Finland (until 31.05.2021)

Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery

Representative, Juliane Kroeplin Germany (until 31.10.2020)

Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Representative, Andreas Hammerschmidt Germany (until 31.10.2020)


Representative, Lenneke Schrier Netherlands (until 31.10.2020)

Vice - Representative Karolina Stasiukynaite Lithuania (until 31.10.2021)

Pain Medicine (MJC)

Representative, Frauke Gundlach Germany (until 31.05.2019)

Phlebology (MJC)

Representative, Roditis Konstantinos Greece (until 05.05.2020)

Physical Medicine and rehabilitation

Representative, Greta Jurenaite Lithuania (until 31.10.2019)


Representative, Anna Salina Latvia (until 31.10.2020)


Representative, Audrey Fontaine France (until 31.05.2020)

Vice-Representative, Robertas Strumila Lithuania (until 31.10.2020)

Public Health (MJC)

Representative, Tuovinen Eeva-Liisa Finland (until 31.05.2021)


Representative, Antanas Montvila Lithuania (until 31.05.2021)

Vice - Representative, Jylhä-Vuorio Pyry, Finland (until 31.05.2021)


Representative, Benavent Núñez Diego Spain (until 31.10.2020)

Sexual Medicine (MJC)

Trovão Nuno Portugal (until 31.10.2020)


Representative, Alexios Theodorou Germany (until 31.10.2020)


Taskovska Milena Slovenia (until 31.10.2020)

Vascular Surgery

Representative, Laukaitis Martyas Lithuania (until 31.05.2020)

Vice - Representative, Roditis Konstantinos Greece (until 31.05.2021)