Part One

| Professional recognition in your country

1.1. Which organisation recognises doctors eligible to practice in your country?
In case your country has more then one organisation which can provide professional recognition, please attach to this survey a simple list of names and websites where we can acquire more information.

Name:               CROATIAN MEDICAL CHAMBER                           

Type of organisation (professional, government, etc.) Trade union and professional organisation                         

Address:          GRGE TUŠKANA 37, ZAGREB                                                                  

Phone number:                        00385-1-4500-830                                                     

Fax:                                              00385-1-4500-830                          

Contact person:                                                                                        


Website (s): 

1.2. What requirements/documents are necessary for a foreign doctor to practice medicine?
i.e. language skills, medical degree, insurance, immigration status.

The documents required are avilable at the following link:

Doctors must hold B2 certificate for knowledge of Croatian language. 
Doctor must obtain the Decision of recognition of foreign qualifications issued by Croatian Medical Chamber.
Doctor must obtain the permission to stay and work in Croatia issued by The Ministry of the interior deals.

Where else can we find more information?,

1.3. Are there any application deadlines (if so, when)?
Furthermore, how long does the professional recognition procedure usually take?


1.4. Are there any sort of examinations/interviews to apply for Medical Professional Recognition?

No, only the application form must be fulfilled and all the necessary documents must be submitted.                    
Where else can we find more information?,

1.5.1. What kind of professional medical degrees are there in your country?

There is only one type of medical degree in Croatia- Doctor of Medicine

1.5.2. How do you access each degree?

You obtain the degree after finishing 6 Years (12 semester) on medical faculty in Croatia (there are 4 Medical faculties in Croatia)

Part Two

| Training in your country

2.1. Which organisation is responsible for medical training in your country?
In case your country has more than one organisation with this function, please attach to this survey a simple list of names and websites where we can acquire more information.



PHONE NUMBER:  00985-1-4607555       




2.2. Besides professional recognition, is there any other requirement for a doctor to start his training/begin to work (i.e. examination, clerkship, internship)? Namely, which documents/examinations are necessary when applying for training/job?

Doctors must  obtain the degree from one of the medical faculties in Croatia, finish the training which consists of a prespecified  5-month programme, and upon its completion (as shown by a completed logbook) they will be allowed to take the state exam, which is a prerequisite to obtain a valid licence issued by the Croatian Medical Chamber.

2.2.1. Where are training positions advertised?

Ministry of Health is entitled to announce the competition, and the applicants can apply for training.

2.3. Are there any application deadlines (if so, which)?

Deadlines are prescribed in announcement.

2.4. How do applicants choose what and where they would like to train?

If approved by the Ministry the applicants can choose the institution where they would like to practice the training.

2.5. Is there a fee/tuition for attending a training programme?


Where else can we find more information?

2.6. Do trainees receive a salary during training?

Yes, regular intern salary.

2.6.1. Moreover, what is the current salary and is overtime paid?

Current salary is for trainees (in average) is  approx. 7200 HRK brutto (950 EUR brutto). Overtime should be paid extra.

2.6.2. What type of contracts are there? How long are the working and on-calls times?

There are limited time labour contracts. Working ours are full time according to Labour law and related bylaws.

2.6.3. Are sick leave, vacation days, maternity leave, voluntary work allowed and do they entail a reduction of salary?

Yes they are allowed, and they don’t entail a reduction of salary

2.7. In general terms, how is the training assessment done?
i.e. exams, evaluations, interviews, appraisal

The trainee must pass the exam after finishing the training.

Part Three

| Other details about training/working in your country

3.1. Is mobility possible inside and outside the country during your training?


3.2. How many trainees are there in your country?
Divided, if possible, by in each speciality.

Divided, if possible, by in each speciality.

We do not have these numbers.

3.3. What are the success, training drop-out and post-training employment rates?

We do not have the specific numbers.

3.4. Is there an accreditation procedure for training centres (and do they include visitations)?


3.5. Is there any national recertification/revalidation scheme to practice?


3.6. Are there any differences in the application procedure according to the country of origin of a trainee?


3.7.1. Are there any restrictions for a foreign doctor who is undergoing training in your country to work there afterwards?


3.7.2. Moreover, is it possible for a trainee undergoing training in another EU/EEA country to do part of his training in your country? If so, what are the necessary requirements/documents?

These data is familiar to Ministry of Health

3.8. Please summarise the general timeline between the time where a doctor has just graduated until he has attained a final senior post as an independent medical doctor.
In other words, please describe, in general terms, the training of a junior doctor in your country.

The training lasts for 5 months, and after finishing the trainee must pass the state exam.

3.9. Is it compulsory to have malpractice (or any other) insurance?


3.13. Which organisation(s) specialise in assisting doctors in legal and work matters?
i.e. trade unions, medical chambers, other organizations.

Croatian Medical Chamber and Croatian Physician’s Trade Union

3.14. Is there any other information you consider relevant with regard to this subject?

The answers to some of the questions above should be send to Ministry of Health, because of their involvement in traineeship of young doctors with medical degree.