European Medical Students' Association

About Us

The European Medical Students’ Association - Association Européenne des Étudiants en Médecine (EMSA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing medical students from all across Europe. Founded 1990 in Brussels, it is the only voice of students within the European Medical Organisations. EMSA is recognized by the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the United Nations.

The association provides a platform for high-level advocacy, projects, trainings, workshops and international meetings. Its activities gather around Medical Education, Medical Ethics and Human Rights, Health Policy, Public Health, Medical Science and European Integration and Culture.


Our Vision

EMSA envisions a united and solidary Europe in which medical students actively promote health.


Our Mission

EMSA empowers medical students to advocate health in all policies, excellence in medical research, interprofessional healthcare education and the protection of human rights across Europe.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of healthcare and medical education in a united Europe where medicine is practised in accordance with the highest ethical principles.



- Empower students to take part in European mobility and exchange programmes, and foster their intercultural understanding and compassion toward disadvantaged groups in society;

- Empower medical students to defend and actively promote human rights within society whilst raising awareness of ethical matters in healthcare throughout the continent;

- Empower medical students to take a role in shaping a medical education system, that promotes advances in medicine, new learning technologies, philosophy of education and interprofessional collaboration;

- Empower medical students to be key pioneers in the popularization of a healthy and active lifestyle, preventive medicine and health education;

- Empower medical students to raise awareness about mental health issues and health threats in society, and to encourage informed lifestyle choices;

- Empower medical students to read and publish scientific articles by enhancing their theoretical and practical skills through education and training whilst raising appreciation of medical science;

- Empower medical students to play an active role in the European advocacy of lifestyle policies, and collaborate with relevant partners in the implementation of objectives related to public health.

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