Standing Committee of European Doctors

Main aims

CPME aims to promote the highest standards of medical training and medical practice in order to achieve the highest quality of health care for all citizens of Europe. CPME is also concerned with the promotion of public health, the relationship between patients and doctors and the free movement of doctors within the European Union. To achieve its goals, CPME co-operates proactively with the Institutions of the European Union. Policies are being set both in answer to developments in Europe as well as by taking the lead in matters regarding the profession, publich health, and patient care. CPME offers broad expertise in matters related to medicine and the medical profession.
CPME is directed by a Board that is elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years. The President and the Executive Committee are elected from the Board members also for a period of three years. CPME has working groups that prepare the basis of CPME policy as they are responsible for drafting CPME positions to be submitted to and approved by the governing bodies:

  • WG Professional Qualifications
  • WG Working Time Directive
  • WG European Health Workforce
  • WG Mental Health
  • WG Antimicrobial Resistance
  • WG Tobacco
  • WG Pharmaceuticals
  • WG Healthy ageing
  • WG eHealth

Experts from each national member organisation, associate members and associated organisations as well as observers participate in these meetings.

Countries Represented

CPME represents the National Medical Associations of 27 countries in Europe and works closely with the National Medical Associations of countries that have applied for EU membership as well as specialized European medical associations


It is an international, not for profit association under Belgian Law composed of the National Medical Associations of the European Union. It also unites associated members (those countries that are currently negotiating with the EU) associated organisations (specialised European medical associations) and observers.


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