European Federation of Salaried Doctors

Main aims

Work and statement were carried out, inter alia on:

  • a definition of salaried medicine
  • conditions of exercise and the European Charter of the Salaried Doctors, endorsed later by the Standing Committee of the European Doctors
  • practical and deontological methods of the possible strikes
  • the medical plethora (the FEMS was among the first, sometimes criticized, to denounce the phenomenon of the medical unemployment, with the dangers which results from this for quality of medicine)
  • need for a numerus clausus for the entry in the Faculty of Medicine
  • hospital structures, on-call duties and obligations
  • unsuitable use of young doctors in the hospitals of certain countries
  • the danger of the too narrow bulk-heading enters the specialities
  • the place of the doctors in management
  • various methods to ensure the quality of the medical acts
  • medical advertising in various European countries
  • hospital departments in various European countries, etc.


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