Nomination and Election procedure of EJD representatives to UEMS


Nominees for EJD representatives to a UEMS S/B/MJC must be doctors in training in the specialty of the UEMS S/B/MJC it concerns and must be members of an EJD member organization. However, elected EJD representatives to a UEMS S/B/MJC can retain their position till the expiry of the term of election from EJD plenary even if they finish training within their term. Doctors who are not members of an EJD member organization cannot apply to EJD UEMS Representatives positions.

  1. Calls for nominations will be issued by email from the EJD secretariat to member organizations at the latest 4 weeks prior to the EJD plenary meeting and nominations will be accepted until two days before the plenary.
  2. The nomination of a candidate has to be endorsed by an EJD member organization who shall act as referee for nominees from their organization, confirming their training position in a particular specialty and informing them about their responsibilities as elected EJD representatives to UEMS S/B/MJCs. This endorsement will be included in the web application.
  3. Each nominee will have to apply through the EJD website in a web application. This form includes contact information, specialty information, past/relevant experience, as well as a short motivation letter. The nominee will also confirm that they have read through “Workflow and responsibilities of EJD representatives to UEMS” in addition to attaching an endorsement letter from their national organization.
  4. To distribute the application via email, written consent from the applicant [by regular means of communication i.e. email] is necessary (GDPR) and is included in the web application



  1. Elections will be held at each plenary meeting of EJD for vacancies of EJD representatives in UEMS S/B/MJC. A term shall consist of a maximum of three years starting from the date of election.
    Elections will be decided by a simple majority vote of delegations present and voting.

    1. In cases where there are more than one candidate and if no candidate receives a majority vote in the first ballot.
      1. On the first ballot, the candidate with the fewest number of votes will be eliminated and a new ballot will be held. This procedure will be repeated until one candidate has received a simple majority of votes. If a tie occurs between the two remaining candidates the candidate from the EJD member organisation with the fewest EJD delegates to UEMS will be declared elected.
      2. The candidate with the second highest number of votes or having lost in a tie will be declared as a vice representative.
  2. An updated list of the elected EJD representatives to UEMS S/B/MJC including their name, email, country of origin as well as the date of expiry of their term should be made available on the EJD website within 1 month after each EJD plenary meeting. A nomination certificate will be issued to these representatives within this period.
  3. The secretary general of the UEMS shall be informed within one month after each EJD plenary meeting on new EJD representatives to the UEMS S/B/MJCs. The secretary general of UEMS is thereafter responsible of immediately informing the president and the secretary general of the UEMS S/B/MJC it concerns.


New candidates for vacancies in-between EJD plenary meeting

  1. If an EJD member association finds a candidate that meets the requirements set out in paragraphs 1 and 3 and that can fulfil a vacancy of EJD representatives to UEMS S/B/MJC and that the candidate can attend a UEMS S/B/MJC meeting that takes place before the next EJD plenary meeting, the candidate should complete the official application form and can be appointed as a EJD representative to the specific meeting by the PGT committee chairperson. The formal election should take place at the next EJD plenary meeting.


Re-election of Representatives

  1. A representative can be re-elected for new term if he/she fulfil the criteria set in paragraphs 1 to 4.