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concerning medical residents and young specialists in the Republic of Croatia
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EJD is aware of the situation that medical residents and young specialists in Croatia are bound to their employers by strict contracts. These contracts obligate them to work in the same institution for the whole residency programme and subsequent equivalent number of years. Severe financial fines exist if breach of contract occurs before the end of the imposed period of work commitments.

This goes against the principles of the European Union concerning mobility of workforce and related freedoms.

Obligations to stay in the country, region or place are opposed strongly, as they interfere with the principles of a free market and free mobility of professionals in Europe. Furthermore, the threats of fines in this context are strongly rejected.

Good quality postgraduate education and working conditions are essential to retaining medical workforce.

We give full support to the Croatian Medical Chamber and Junior Doctors’ Committee in its efforts towards making sure that these principles are implemented.

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