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Deadline for applying is 1.5.
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Collaboration between the EJD and the UEMS has existed for several years in the form of formal and informal agreements that have benefited both institutions and, above all, the quality of medical training of European junior doctors. The EJD send Representatives to the UEMS Boards, Sections and Multidisciplinary Joint Committees (MJC) as the input of doctors in training in the matters of postgraduate medical training is considered of paramount importance for both institutions. They EJD representative shall also be invited to be part of the PGT visiting committees of their Boards, Sections and MJC.

There are three main functions of an EJD representative at a UEMS S/B/MJC:

  • to represent EJD’s opinion in the meetings
    • therefore the representative must not give any official position on issues not previously decided by the EJD Executive Board or General Assembly
  • to report back to EJD the tasks and discussion of the representatives section
  • to cooperate with EJD on any issues related to UEMS S/B/MJC upon request from PGT chairperson or EJD’s Executive Board.


New representatives will be elected in the Spring General Meeting in Montpellier, France on 3rd - 4th May. The deadline for applications is May 1st.

The list of vacant UEMS representatives positions. 

More information about workflow and responsibilities of EJD representativescan be found here.

The nomination and election process can be reviewed here.


If you have questions, please reach out to our Post Graduate Training (PGT) Committee chairperson Valentina (

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