Statement of Support of Croatian Doctors in their Protest “SOS FOR HEALTH”

Issued on the occasion of the protest taking place in Zagreb on March 18th 2023.
Statement of Support of Croatian Doctors in their Protest “SOS FOR HEALTH” symbol image

17 March 2023

The European Junior Doctors Association (EJD) supports the Croatian protest “SOS for Health" which will take place in Zagreb on March 18th, 2023. The protest is organised by both junior doctors and specialists across Croatia (Croatian Junior Doctors, Croatian Medical Union, Croatian Medical Chamber, Croatian Association of Hospital Doctors, and Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine) and has occurred in response to a deep state of dissatisfaction regarding several important aspects of the way healthcare is organized and provided in Croatia.

During the pandemic Croatian doctors consistently and diligently showed their commitment to patient care and the Croatian healthcare system. Croatian physicians have advocated for the implementation of improvements to the provision of healthcare, but so far any agreements have failed to be honoured.

A survey of Croatian physicians found that 97% of doctors are dissatisfied with their working conditions and 94 % support engaging in protest activities to protect and improve healthcare in Croatia. Together with other healthcare professions, junior doctors are front line providers of healthcare in Croatia. With the increasing pressure of an aging population and the rising demand for healthcare, in the context of economical restraints, it is inevitable that the healthcare system needs to adjust.

EJD supports Croatian junior doctors in their demand for reform of the healthcare system, to improve care for all patients and to improve working conditions for hunior doctors and all healthcare workers to ensure quality care now and in the future.

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