Joint Statement: "Digital Doc"

Training future-proof doctors for the digital society
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EJD - European Junior Doctors Association was privileged to join Thematic Network "Digital Doc" initiated by the European Commission almost two years ago. Together with multiple international stakeholders, we served as a core team member preparing the joint statement called "Digital Doc-

Training future-proof doctors for the digital society"


Improving digital competencies for doctors is essential to elevate the ethically sound and cost-effective adoption of digital technologies that are needed to contribute to better patient care and more sustainable healthcare systems. This joint statement focuses on actions needed to prepare future and current doctors to cope with and play a key role during the digital transformation of healthcare by integrating digital competencies in the education and training curricula of current and future medical doctors.


Together with the whole Digital Doc the community, we call regional, national and EU policymakers to encourage and support better education for medical professionals across Europe. Let us work towards technologies being developed, better understood and used by doctors in medical practice. Let us work towards effective and ethical implementation in medical practice, so both doctors and technologies will rise to their full potential, contributing to better patient care, a healthy population and more sustainable healthcare systems.


You can find the full statement and learn more about key challenges, opportunities and list of key competencies needed for future doctors attached bellow. 

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