From Tradition to Transition | Navigating Through the Healthcare Workforce Crisis - Junior Doctors' Experiences and Proposals for the Future

FTT Report

The European Junior Doctors Association (EJD), in collaboration with the APLICA cooperative, undertook a qualitative study to explore the work-related experiences of junior doctors (JD) in Europe, focusing on the impact of those experiences on their professional and personal lives. It also aimed to present their ideas for improving junior doctors' working lives and increasing JD job satisfaction.

Seventeen semi-structured interviews were conducted with representatives from 24 National Medical Associations and a thematic analysis of the content of the interviews was carried out. The study aimed not to collect aspects of divergence but relatively common experiences and proposals from the participating countries. European countries showcase differences in their healthcare systems, training structures, remuneration, and cultural values, such as work culture and family dynamics.

These differences inevitably shape the perspectives of interviewees. However, a notable discovery from this report is that regardless of these varied backgrounds, there is remarkable consistency and agreement among study participants regarding the central concerns and issues.

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