PRESS RELEASE: A European Health Summit and the General Assemblies of EJD & UEMO to be Hosted in Murcia

Murcia, Spain, 26th-28th October 2023
PRESS RELEASE: A European Health Summit and the General Assemblies of EJD & UEMO to be Hosted in Murcia symbol image

A European Health Summit and the General Assemblies of European Junior Doctors and European Union of General Practitioners to be Hosted in Murcia, Spain on 26-28 October

Brussels, 25 October 2023

Tomorrow, a European health summit begins in Murcia to address current challenges in building the future of healthcare systems in Europe. The summit will also include the assemblies of junior doctors in Europe (EJD, European Junior Doctors Association), and specialists in Family and Community Medicine in Primary Care (UEMO, European Union of General Practitioners).

The Spanish General Council of Physicians and the Medical College of Murcia have organized this important event, coinciding with Spain's rotating presidency of the European Union, making the city of Murcia the epicenter of a health-focused debate and international promotion of the medical profession.

The first day, Thursday, will address crucial issues such as medical demographics and the planning of physician needs in Europe, a topic that affects not only Spain and the Region of Murcia but the entire European context. Mental health and strategies for tackling cancer will also be discussed. The inauguration of this first day will be attended by the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, the Health Minister, Juan José Pedreño Planes, along with doctors Tomás Cobo and Francisco Miralles.

This event will bring together hundreds of specialists, as well as delegations from other European medical organizations such as UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists), CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors), AEMH (European Association of Senior Hospital Doctors), CEOM (European Council of Medical Orders), EMSA (European Medical Students' Association), and representatives of various European governments and health leaders.

On Friday and Saturday, the assemblies of junior doctors and primary care physicians will take place. These meetings will facilitate the exchange of views among professionals from different member countries to make decisions on current issues affecting the medical profession and the quality of care.

The importance of these assemblies is evident in the current context, where junior doctors and primary care specialists are at a turning point, requiring action to sustain the current healthcare model and rebuild the supporting system, which needs a profound reform. The ultimate goal of organizing these events is to contribute to the improvement of the practice of Medicine and, by extension, patient care.

Dr. Tomás Cobo, President of the Spanish General Council of Physicians and Vice President of the European Union of Medical Specialists, emphasizes the importance of such meetings, stating, 'We are facing a health crisis that not only affects Spain but also a large part of Europe. It is crucial for professionals to build common paths and positions to sustain this pillar of the welfare state and social justice in the old continent.'

In the words of Francisco Miralles, President of the College of Physicians of the Region of Murcia, 'This health summit will address issues affecting the Region of Murcia and other Spanish autonomous communities, as well as countries in our European environment. Addressing these issues requires global and consensus-based planning, stemming from the reflection, experience, and knowledge of the medical profession to improve healthcare practice and assistance.'

‘The current healthcare workforce in Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis. The physical and mental health of already exhausted & stretched health professionals, as well as the safety and wellbeing of the patients they care for, is under threat. Without coordinated, powerful and immediate European-wide measures to tackle the workforce crisis, the health of doctors & the high standards of care our patients deserve are in immediate danger’, said Mathias Körner, President of the European Junior Doctors Association (EJD).

The summit’s program can be accessed here:

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