Motion of Support For Lithuanian Junior Doctors

The Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association is greatly concerned about the current situation in Lithuania regarding wellbeing of junior doctors, health care leadership and medical postgraduate training.

The issue of physicians’ wellbeing has been the focus of the European medical community for many years. In the context of recent unfortunate events in Lithuania, the European Junior Doctors Association (EJD) expresses their support for the Lithuanian medical community’s efforts to establish a culture of wellbeing in the healthcare sector. 

EJD supports the actions of the Lithuanian Junior Doctors Association to advocate for healthy working environment interventions not only on the individual level, but also on the level of both the employer and the government. These interventions include adequate salaries, regulated workloads, accessible mental health services and professional healthcare management.

EJD supports the Lithuanian call for effective competence-based postgraduate medical education created collaboratively with junior doctors and encourages all stakeholders to take responsibility for the future of Lithuanian healthcare and to remember that in order to take care of patients, it is crucial to first take care of doctors.