Motion Of Support for Latvian Junior Doctors

On January 1st 2018 the Parliament of Latvia approved the Health Care Financing Law. The ongoing salary increase for medical professionals is at great risk as, despite the Latvian government prioritizing health care politically, this is not reflected in the health budget and will not occur if the new budget of 2020 is approved.

The Latvian Junior Doctors Association (LJDA) and other medical social partners demand the Latvian parliament and Cabinet of Ministers uphold the Health Care Financing Law and honour the increase in the salary of medical professionals. The European Junior Doctors’ Association (EJD) strongly believes that this situation is not acceptable and puts both healthcare financing and the healthcare workforce at risk in Latvia.

EJD supports the demands of LJDA and Latvian medical professionals and their protest actions against the Latvian parliament and Cabinet of Ministers and calls upon the Latvian parliament to obey the Health Care Financing Law that is crucial for a sustainable workforce and healthcare system.