13. November 2013

Motion on informal payments in healthcare

The European Junior Doctors (EJD) is concerned about informal payment in healthcare and is continually monitoring situations in European countries where this is present.

28. October 2013

EWTD and Croatian Doctors strike

On September 18th 2013 a strike of Croatian doctors was started, organized by the Croatian Doctors' Trade Union.  It was done in cooperation with the Croatian Nurses' Union (which finished their participation in strike on September 26th 2013)

17. October 2013

Success for ISNIH - Commission Infringements Package: Formal Request Sent to France

The EU Commission has opened a procedure against France because hospital doctors’ right to a 48-hour average weekly working time is currently not guaranteed in France.

07. October 2013

NCHD Day of Action on October, the 8th

  • 3,000 IMO NCHDs to begin strike action in campaign against dangerously long working hours
  • 51 Hospitals will be affected by withdrawal of service for the day
04. September 2013

Junior Doctors in Ireland to take strike action over non-compliance with the EWTD

On Tuesday 3rd September 2013 the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) served formal notice of industrial action by Junior Doctors.

13. July 2013

Agreement on Revision of the PQD

The PQD from 2005 is since 2011 under revision and a final step in this process was completed on June 12th, 2013. The European Parliament and the Council reached a political agreement.

09. July 2013

Rattling June of Turkey

Thousand of people started camping in Gezi Park to stop intended changes in the park. Young doctors and medical students were on the field to help people who needed emergent medical care.

14. May 2013

Statement on Funding of Medical Training

Well organised and financed medical education and postgraduate training are the basic elements in ensuring a functioning Health Care Systems in Europe. Therefore the EJD published this statement.

11. May 2013

Discrimination of doctors in Slovakia

At its General Assembly, held on 11/05/2013 in Prague, the European Junior Doctors (EJD) discussed the future of healthcare in Europe. Among other topics, the unusual and alarming development in Slovakia, where the proposals set out to change §38 and §63 of Act 587/2004 will result in discrimination of doctors and healthcare workers, was discussed.

23. March 2013

EJD congress session in Med-e-tel 2013

It's a pleasure to invite you to EJD opening session presentation and EJD session in Med-e-tel 2013 in Luxembourg (April 10th-12th).