29. January 2015

Outcomes Report of Workshop on Task Shifting

The Joint DJS, LAD, EJD Workshop on Task Shifting 2015 on saturday 17th january 2015, discussed on task shifting and its implications on training opportunities for junior doctors.

02. January 2015

Joint Action Project Meeting

EJD has been invited to participate to a meeting in the ministry of health in Rome, mainly focused on the planning of workforce in health.

01. January 2015

Single Market Forum 2014 Workshop - 'The European Professional Card'

EJD has been invited to participate to the meeting on European Professional Card in Rome. 

21. November 2014

Motion on Ebola

The community of European Junior Doctors are following the worrying progress of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and calls on the European Commission to put this subject in the interest of health care.

24. October 2014

Turkey: the Case of Young Doctors Helping Injured Citizens during Gezi Park Protests: 'Mosque Case'

A criminal lawsuit was brought against Dr Erenç Dokudan and Dr Sercan Yüksel for their first aid services to citizens injured as a result of unlawful and violent intervention of the police during “Gezi Park” protests in İstanbul.

23. September 2014

EJD Social Media Flyer

Social Media (SoMe) is everywhere and can have huge effects on healthcare. In the flyer some advice on using SoMe from the European Junior Doctors.

29. July 2014

Joint Statement on Patients Safety

In periods of economic and social difficulties, there is a particular need to reinforce the availability of high quality medical care for every patient in Europe in order to safeguard adequate medical treatment also for those who can no longer afford it due to economic hardship.

15. June 2014

No unpaid work during PGT

The European Junior Doctors General Assembly strongly rejects any form of unpaid work prior to or in postgraduate medical training programs. Junior Doctors therefore must be employed on a regular basis. Access to high quality, paid postgraduate training is a right for Junior Doctors within Europe. Governments and Medical Associations that allow such situations to occur or to continue are responsible for the ongoing regression and deterioration of the working conditions of Junior Doctors. We call on the European and National Authorities to take any action possible to prevent such situations occurring and to stop those already in place.

27. April 2014

Forum on Junior Doctors Working Conditions

EJD and the Commission for Junior Doctors of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia organised a forum for Junior Doctors in Ljubljana, which was attended by a large number of young colleagues.

18. April 2014

Career fair 'DocSteps' in Berlin attracts over 700

For the fourth time, the Marburger Bund organised the career fair “DocSteps” in Berlin on 5 April 2014, which was attended by approximately 700 medical students and junior doctors.