TMA Forum on JD´s Issues in Turkey and EU

EJD President Carsten Mohrhardt participated in a meeting with the TMA Resident’s branch followed up by a forum for residents focusing in Junior Doctors issues in Turkey held in Ankara.

Carsten Mohrhardt, President of European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group met with the Resident Doctors Branch of TTB (Turkish Medical Association) in Ankara. In this meeting also participated by Bayazıt İlhan, Secretary General of TTB, it was noted that both EJD and TTB’s Branch of Resident Doctors had a common agenda and working titles. The representatives of organizations stated that cooperative work in the coming period would add to the strength of both organizations.

As a follow up to the initial meeting, Carsten Mohrhardt was at Hasan Ali Yücel Conference Hall of İbni Sina Hospital of Ankara University giving a presentation on “Resident Doctors in Europe” and responded to questions raised by participating students and residents.

The presentation and discussions that followed focused on similarities between health policies pursued in European countries and the transformation in health project implemented in Turkey as well as their negative effects on both healthcare services and the status of health workers. For instance, the problem of unemployed young physicians in Spain where there is dramatic increase in the quotas of schools of medicine threw light upon the same quota problem in Turkey which is frequently debated. 

It was further noted that the actions of Junior Doctors in Europe for having their working hours set have their similarities with the case of residents in Turkey engaged in protest activities.  The participating resident doctors were happy in sharing the experience of Junior Doctors movement in Europe and, during the discussion that followed the presentation, they stressed the importance of cooperation and joint action at international level.

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