Single Market Forum 2014 Workshop - 'The European Professional Card'

EJD has been invited to participate to the meeting on European Professional Card in Rome. 

Speakers were interested to the expectations of authorities and NGO about this card. The core topic is that mobility can create many opportunities for professionals and citizens and is fundamental for the European dimension of the market.
Diana Agosti (head of European policy department) stated that the real and financial markets have to integrate themselves and be in equilibrium. The single internal market is an important key factor for development and occupation and presently is not enough efficient, so it has to be improved. One factor of utmost importance is the reduction of unjustified hurdles stopping the growth of single market through the increased transparency and simplification of processes and through the modernization of the public administrations. P del Sax underlined the sentence of the pope in European parliament: “Europe is an old lady”. Europe lacks of dynamism. There is a lot of unemployment, we are not producing enough (the size of industry is decreasing in Europe) and we cannot behave in this way because we do not have enough natural resources, therefore a single market is particularly necessary. For this reason in Junker package euros are used in real economy. Europe needs also important structural changes in order to reach the aim of a single market. At present we have many differences among nations even on the cost for energy or telecommunications. If production is not so smart on what is based our economy? 70% of GDP in Europe is produced by services. We have a service directive but we need new instruments in order to apply the present directive and not a new service directive. According to a study examining how the service directive had been applied in different member states the application of the present rules can increase GDP of 3%. At present in Europe the most advanced country is Portugal.....