New EJD Website Launched

Dear friends and colleagues,

it's with great joy that we can announce that the new EJD Website is finally launched. 

It brings all the information of the EJD which can be easily searched through the search field on the top-left corner of the screen.  

In order to understand better who we are, you can find EJD history, statute and rules in the "About" section (on the left of main menu) as well as the components of the organ, or you can search in the "Service" section (on the right of the main menu) the links to other organization of our network or just to see some pictures.

In order to understand better EJD policies you can open "Policy Statements" in the main menu and, if you are a registered user, EJD workspace.

In the "Events" section of main menu you will have EJD plenary upcoming meetings as well as recent plenary meeting history. 

If you want to be updated check the twitter box in the left part of the screen or go to  the "news" section of the main menu (next to "About"  section) in which are published  new informations regarding European Junior Doctors. On the left part of the screen you can find also a fast accessible  box on upcoming events (plenary meeting and other events too).

Probably you will need some help to understand acronyms found along the site: "Service" section has a Glossary to answer some questions.

As registered user you have a personal box in the top-left corner in which there are your profle data and you can also participate to online surveys. Furthermore you have access to the EJD Online Workspace.

Finally if you want to contact us publicly use the Facebook page which is achievable through the Facebook button in the left part of the screen. If you want to contact us privately you can use the "contact" form on the right of the main menu.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the surfing.

Carsten Mohrhardt (President)   and Marco Capizzi (Communications Officer)