Joint Action Project Meeting

EJD has been invited to participate to a meeting in the ministry of health in Rome, mainly focused on the planning of workforce in health.

The meeting started with a presentation of Paolo Michelotto on the “Hand-book on planning methodologies and good practices” which will be put on a website. Some pilot projects in Italy and Portugal will use the content of the handbook. The are some core points to follow in planning like the method of construction, the goals of the planning, the definition of the stakeholders which need to be involved (usually patient association are not involved), the link plan with policy section, the implementation of the forecasting tool.
Data collection can be based on individual or aggregated database. The length of prediction can be ten years as in Spain or up to fifty years as in other countries. Another important variable in the model of prediction is the number of variables taken into account. Norway, Finland and England take into account every profession whereas Spain only uses information about medical doctors. Second part of the handbook is about the good practices. Good practices are not to be understood as instructions but as guidelines.......