ISNIH rejects settlement restrictions in France

European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group, representing 300.000 Junior Doctors all over Europe unanimously support the actions implemented by ISNIH against the proposal of forcing French Junior Doctors to work for five years in specific regions of the country. 

On 29th May 2012 Dr Legmann, the president of the French Medical Chamber, announced to the media some recommendations to improve the access to the French healthcare system. The young doctors, after finishing their residency, would be forced to work, during 5 years, in the region where they made their trainees  and in an area were the medical doctors are missing.


ISNIH, the national association representing the French residents, with support of various associations of young doctors and medical students, immediately went against the ideas brought by Dr Legmann’s declaration.

ISNIH has always been fighting against the obligation for the doctors to practice in areas that they did not choose. On the contrary, they  believe that efficient incentive measures should be applied. They have been working since a few months on the medical demography issue and have founded innovative ideas. This would involve senior doctors as much as young doctors.

Following ISNIH statements, a lot of members of the Medical Chamber declared that they supported ISNIH point of view and dismissed Dr Legmann’s recommendations. Dr Legmann’s himself declared on 7th June  during a private meeting where ISNIH was attending that he changed his mind. He said that he would like to work during a couple of months with the medical students and young doctors to find a common resolution. 

However French junior doctors became more and more angry since then and all the more because there hasn’t been any public declaration concerning this change of mind from the Medical Chamber.

ISNIH decided and declared on 25 July that junior doctors don’t want to collaborate on this project with the Medical Chamber.

In our opinion the French Junior Doctors have to decide freely the place of their practice according to their needs and to the incentive measures implemented by the institutions in order to cover the regional requirement of doctors. The autonomy of the profession and free movement of professionals within Europe is one of our highest values. French Doctors have to decide freely the place of their practice!