European Junior Doctors and Africa

Dear friends,

finally the EJD partner association for the JD medical voluntary service in Africa is online!

The link present on EJD page will bring you to the english version of Engera (


Engera means "bread" in Ethiopian Amharic language.

Engera African People Caring Onlus (Engera) is a secular non-profit association created by a group of medical doctors, nurses and volunteers who were already active in providing health care in Ethiopia in the absence of any official association since 2005. The main aim of Engera is to provide the Ethiopian population with direct medical assistance.

A MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING has been signed between the Engera African People Caring Onlusthe Eparchy of Emdibirand the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (

So please visit the site and share it between your friends, colleagues and associations.

Write to or in the contact page if you have any further question, collaboration or project proposal.

Thank you very much!