EJD/PWG officially registered

Thirty-five years after the adoption of the first Charter in Bad Nauheim, Germany, the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD/PWG) gave the final step to become an official registered organisation under the Belgium Law.

Another chapter on the history of our organization is closed. It took us many hours of difficult discussions to modernize our statutes and complete the process. I am certain that at the end we are stronger and better prepared for the upcoming challenges. But the registration is not an end by itself. It is a tool that will only bring us added responsibility. It is a sign of maturity and consolidation of a successful strategy to make the Junior Doctors’ voice more active within the politicians in the European Commission.

In this day of celebration I would like to acknowledge the UEMS and the “Groupement des Unions Professionnelles Belges de Medicins Specialistes” for allowing us to use “Avenue de La Couronne 20” as our official address.

Congratulations to all European Junior Doctors and to the ones that represent their best interests throughout Europe!

Bernardo Bollen Pinto
(President of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD/PWG)