EJD supports Portuguese Doctors strike

The Portuguese National Health System is under important structural changes due to restrictive measures taken by the government in order to face the economic crisis affecting Portugal. Under this argument the Portuguese Government offered medical recruitment companies 2.5 million work hours in hospitals and primary care Health centers, using the lowest cost as the only criteria.

Medical career progression has been put on hold since 2005, despite all efforts taken by medical unions to restart this certification process. Adding to this situation, since the beginning of 2011, specialists with a recently finished internship have not been hired. Junior Doctors will be directly affected by this measure due to the absence of job stability and peer evaluation and certification throughout the career that will severely compromise their training.

The quality of the Portuguese Health System is well recognized in Portugal and abroad, therefore the outsourcing of the Portuguese medical workforce without ensuring quality and patient’s safety is regarded with concern and disbelief by doctors all over the country. Due to this serious situation, the two Portuguese Unions supported, by the Portuguese Medical Organization decided to hold a two-day national strike scheduled for the 11th and 12th of July which is fully supported by the EJD!