EJD Support Letter to Hungarian Resident Doctors’

We, the members of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group representing 300.000 Junior Doctors all over Europe unanimously support the Liveable Health for Hungary movement and the participating doctors.

Hungarian doctors’ wages are extremely low comparing not only to average doctors’ wages in the EU, but also comparing to other professionals’ wages in Hungary. By our opinion it is outrageous that our Hungarian colleges earn the same amount of money like any unqualified worker. Hungarian doctors uninsured living circumstances are the most significant cause of their migration that directly threatens the healthcare system in Hungary as we notice because there are increasing numbers of Hungarian physicians in many EU countries.

Thus, we respectfully ask the government of Hungary for the safety of the healthcare services and first of all its recipients, the patients and the livelihood of our revered colleges. Please give priority for treating the human resource crisis developed in the healthcare system and provide the necessary conditions for all doctors working in Hungary to remain in their homeland.

In our opinion, the Hungarian government has to take their responsibility for the wellbeing of

their doctors within the Health Care system, including an income that prevent that doctors leave the country for economic reasons because they are needed in their own country.


Dr. Carsten Mohrhardt                                                    Dr. Magor Papp

President European Junior Doctors                                   President Hungarian Resident Doctors