EJD Forum on working conditions in Ljubljana

The EJD in cooperation with the Slovenian Junior Doctors will host a Forum on “Junior Doctor´s working condition” in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the 15th of March. We invite all Junior Doctors to participate and discuss about experiences on working conditions in Postgraduate Medical Training in Europe.

Forum on Junior Doctors working conditions
Slovenian Junior Doctors and European Junior Doctors

Date:     Saturday, March 15th 2014, 09.00h – 16.00h
Venue:  Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 162, Ljubljana

Welcome & Introduction                                                                                                    9.00

prim. Andrej Možina, President of Medical Chamber of Slovenia

Carsten Mohrhardt, President of the EJD


Part I. Mobility vs. Migration in Europe

Junior Doctors Working conditions – what is going on in Europe?                                 9.15

Carsten Mohrhardt (EJD, President)

The Implementation of the Working Time Directive                                                       9.45

Hrvoje Vražić (EJD, Vice-President)

Possibilities and limitations of cross - border employment                                           10.00

(Representative of the CEOM-ECMO, European Council of Medical Orders)

Preventing the “Brain Drain”                                                                                         10.15

Sascha Reiff (Maltese Junior Doctors)

Round Table Discussion                                                                                                  10.30


Coffee break                                                                                                                      11.00


Part II. The Slovenian Perspective

Slovenian Postgraduate Medical Training in the European Context                              11.30

(Representative of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia)

Issues in Postgraduate Medical Training                                                                       11.50

Prof. Bojana Beović (Medical Chamber of Slovenia)

Junior Doctors Reality                                                                                                    12.10

Helena Haskaj, Janez Dolinar (Slovenian Junior Doctors)

Round Table Discussion                                                                                                 12.30


Lunch                                                                                                                                 13.00


Part III. Future challenges in Europe

Employability Issues in Slovenia                                                                                     14.00

Bojan Popovič (FIDES/ Trade Union of Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia)

Possibilities and limits of the Professional Qualifications Directive                              14.15

Tina Šapec (Medical Chamber of Slovenia)

Medical Mobility – just a dream?                                                                                   14.30

Hrvoje Vražić (EJD Vice-President)

Postgraduate Training in Europe:                                                                                  14.40

Tilde Ostborg (EJD, Norway)

Andreas Botzlar (EJD, Germany)

Guillaume Dedet (EJD, France)

Indre Butiene (EJD PGT Committee Chair)

Round Table Discussion                                                                                                 15.30


Adjourn & Farewell coffee                                                                                               16.00



Free registration is required!

Please send your name, surname, occupation and country by email to mic@zzs-mcs.si.