EJD and ISfTeH sign Memorandum of Understanding

We announce with great pleasure that EJD,  the International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health and Med-e-Tel have signed a memorandum of understanding.

We announce with great pleasure that EJD, ISfTeH (International Society for Telemedicine and e-Health) and Med-e-Tel have signed, in November 2012, a memorandum of understanding. 

The memorandum's goal is the creation of a framework of collaboration with the aims of implementing common actions and initiatives through the exchange of resources and experiences in the field of European and global eHealth.

The International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) exists to facilitate the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth, to provide access to recognised experts in the field worldwide, and to offer unprecedented networking opportunities to healthcare professionals, policy makers, researchers and industry representatives with a keen interest in Telemedicine and eHealth.

Med-e-Tel is the annual conference of the ISfTeH and brings together each year participants from some 50 countries around the world to share practical knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth.

More news on this in the coming months and at Med-e-Tel 2013 in Luxembourg (10-12 April 2013).

In the meantime, for any additional information, please feel free to contact:

Marco Capizzi
Communications Officer 

Frank Lievens

                                                                                                  Carsten Mohrhardt and Marco Capizzi