Career fair 'DocSteps' in Berlin attracts over 700

For the fourth time, the Marburger Bund organised the career fair “DocSteps” in Berlin on 5 April 2014, which was attended by approximately 700 medical students and junior doctors.

For the fourth time, the Marburger Bund organised the career fair “DocSteps” in Berlin on 5 April 2014.  Approximately 700 medical students and junior doctors from all over Germany came to get valuable information on postgraduate training, different specialities, career planning and additional and so-called soft skills. The participants had the choice between over 50 different talks and workshops and could engage into discussions with the speakers during or after their presentations.

Germany experiences a lack of physicians and there are currently plenty of opportunities for junior doctors. Graduates who have studied for more than six years are eager to put their knowledge into practise. However, a good orientation is necessary in order to avoid pitfalls during the transition from the status of a student to that of a doctor, said Armin Ehl, Managing Director of the Marburger Bund, in the opening ceremony.   

As in previous years “DocSteps” was also a platform for those who wished to become active beyond the German borders. Dr Frauke Grundlach gave an interesting insight in her honorary work in the Marburger Bund and the EJD and encouraged her (future) colleagues to get involved in professional organisations on the national and the European level. Students who partly studied abroad or did electives around the world as well as doctors who conducted their postgraduate training in another country talked about their experiences.

Furthermore, hospitals, professional organisations, medical chambers, NOGs and selected insurance companies presented themselves and their services in the spacious exhibition area. Many participants used the opportunity to get into contact with potential employers or interesting organisations.  

A short video (in German) has been posted on youtube: