16. May 2019

Motion of support: Solidarity and support for doctors in communal hospitals in Germany fighting for better working conditions

European Junior Doctors’ Association (EJD) expresses solidarity and support for doctors in communal hospitals in Germany, fighting for better working conditions. After several lengthy negotiation rounds with the employers’ association of the communal hospitals, almost no significant progress has been made.

16. August 2018

Statement to support the decision to reverse the erasure of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Gaba from the UK medical register

The European Junior Doctors Association (EJD) welcomes the decision to reverse the erasure of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Gaba from the UK medical register. This decision does not diminish the tragic and unexpected death of the patient involved and we continue to send our condolences to his family.

23. July 2018

Happy Birthday to UEMS!

This is very special week for all our UEMS colleagues. 60 years ago, 20th of July the UEMS was founded! We as European Junior Doctors wish to express our sincere gratitude for all UEMS community for their absolutely amazing work and commitment over the last 6 decades shaping the medicine in Europe.

30. January 2018

Statement to support members of the Turkish Medical Association

The European Junior Doctors Association sends support and solidarity to Turkish colleagues and
in particular Council members of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA) who were arrested on
30th January 2018. Physicians, like other citizens, have the fundamental right to freedom of
speech and to alert Governments and other decision makers of the long-term health consequences
of war. Indeed as physicians our duty is to protect public health, and war is a major public health
27. July 2017

Statement of support for Turkish Doctors

The European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group strongly supports the Turkish junior doctors in their struggle.

08. May 2017

EJD Statement on the reform of French Postgraduate Training

The European Junior Doctors‘ Permanent Working Group (EJD) calls on the French government to provide French Junior Doctors with more time for discussions on the reform of postgraduate training programmes. Many crucial points remain uncertain to this day.

20. March 2017

EJD Statement on the impact of Brexit on the medical profession

Europe’s medical workforces have become increasingly integrated and interdependent with such free movement playing a crucial role in both doctors’ professional development and in meeting varying medical workforce requirements across Europe


04. October 2016

Why are Norwegian doctors on strike?

Until now doctors in Norway have depended on collective agreements regarding working hours. The official employer (Spekter) is attempting to take away this collective bargaining.

03. October 2016

Contract update in Britain

Junior doctors in Britain are in an ongoing dispute with government over their current contract. At the heart of the matter are serious concerns about a new proposed contract, particularly that worsens the current workforce crisis.

24. September 2016

Report on characteristics of medical residency programmes in Croatia and EU

The Junior Doctors Committee of the Croatian Medical Chamber performed an online survey, between August 15th- 31st 2016, among EJD members on characteristics of residency programmes in their countries.