EJD Spring Meeting 2016

EJD Spring Meeting 2016
Thursday, 12. May 2016 to Saturday, 14. May 2016
Vilnius (Lithuanian)

12-14 of May was memorable for Lithuanian Junior Doctors (JGA), when all EJD delegates and guests were welcomed in Vilnius for EJD Spring meeting 2016. Prior to EJD executive board meeting JGA and ED board members gathered together to discuss about Junior doctors problems in National level. Since Lithuanian junior doctors (JGA) is an organisation which was restored only a year ago – the joint board meeting was held to share the experience about how national organisations enlist new members, raise funds, collaborate with other non - governmental organisations, how can non – governmental Junior doctor organisation initiate changes in health care sector.

13th of May started with Joint Conference on Health Care Issues. This event was organised collaborating with Ministry of Health of Republic of Lithuania and took place in the very heart of Vilnius old town. Three main topics, concerning Junior Doctors in Lithuania were chosen for the discussion: double employee – student status of postgraduate trainees, sustainable workforce and corruption in medicine. Organisers are very thankful to EJD delegates Tiia Mönttinen, Lánczi Levente István and Karolis Bareikis who presented current situation and possible solutions on these topics. Spokesmen from universities of Lithuania, senior doctors union, Ministry of health together with EJD delegates shared their insights and experiences, which altogether resulted in very active and fruitful debate. Huge thanks to all EJD delegates for bringing in their opinions. This conference is believed to be a milestone to show, that JGA together with support from EJD are seeking for rational changes in health care sector of Lithuania.

Spring meeting continued after the Joint Conference with chairpersons of EJD committees representing main activities which were held in the last half of the year. Most debates were held on the EJD Policy Statement about transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP), which is thought to be harmful for Europe health care sector. Delegates also worked in 5 different working groups, whose main outcomes and future works were presented in the General Assembly. GA started with the President’s report, which summarised all actions taken since the election of the new board at the EJD Autumn Meeting 2015 in Oslo. Treasurer’s report, EJD Policy Statement on TTIP and EJD support motion on double employee – student status of Lithuanian junior doctors were approved.  Next EJD meeting will be held on 7- 8th of October in Porto, Portugal