EJD Spring Meeting 2015

EJD Spring Meeting 2015
Friday, 8. May 2015 to Saturday, 9. May 2015
Vienna (Austria)

Representatives of 26 European Countries and Medical Organisations met on the 08th and 9th May 2015 in Vienna, Austria, for the Spring Meeting 2015 of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD). What was special about this meeting was that it included a joint Plenary with two other European Medical Organisations, namely the European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS) and the European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians (AEMH) which was convened in order to publish a joint statement to the European Commission regarding the proposed revision to the European Working Time Directive – the ‘Vienna Declaration’

May 2015

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Vienna Declaration

On 8th May 2015 the European Junior Doctors’ Permanent Working Group (EJD), the European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS) and the European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians (AEMH) met for a Joint Conference on the topic of the European Working Time Directive, which is an essential piece of health and safety legislation for employees in the European Union and, is therefore of considerable importance to doctors. Furthermore fruitful discussions on clinical leadership and medical workforce were conducted.

As a result, all three medical organisations put a document down on paper, which summarises the results of the joint conference – the so called “Vienna Declaration”. The joint statement is a strong appeal at the European Commission and includes several guidelines.

EJD, FEMS and AEMH demand “that the entire period of on-call time (at the work place) is working time.” Additionally, the document states that “compensatory rest must be taken immediately after a prolonged working period.” Furthermore “EJD, FEMS and AEMH are against an extension of the reference period for establishing weekly working time limits. “

On the topic of clinical leadership the joint statement points out “that the involvement of physicians in healthcare management is vital.”

The Vienna Declaration’s third part concerns medical workforce. The main appeal at the EC is hereby that “sufficient funding must be allocated for undergraduate and postgraduate medical training to ensure that every country may train as many physicians as they require, according to their needs.”

Full document online: http://juniordoctors.eu/news/aemh-fems-ejd-vienna-declaration

EJD Motion on Training Time as Working Time

The European Junior Doctors’ Permanent Working Group (EJD) wishes to reiterate its position, that training time should be considered as working time for the purposes of the implementation of the EU Working Time Directive across the continent.

Full document online: http://juniordoctors.eu/news/ejd-motion-training-time-working-time

EJD Motion on Freedom of Association

The European Junior Doctors‘ Permanent Working Group calls on the German federal government to halt plans to introduce legislation that will curtail the rights of smaller specialist trade unions (called 'Tarifeinheitsgesetz'), and shares the Marburger Bund’s serious concerns.

Full document online: http://juniordoctors.eu/news/motion-freedom-association

Junior Doctors Working Conditions

Spanish delegates reported on the conducted national survey “Job Conditions of Medical Doctors in Spain”. Spain has an extraordinary high unemployment rate among physicians combined with a national public health system and high competition among doctors. As result right now 42% of all physician working contracts are part time and are not stable. Physicians holding a part time contract are having to sign on average five contracts per year with the maximum number of contracts having been specified by a physician of 130 in one year.

The central issue with these contracts is that continuity in patient care cannot be established. Of all Physicians having participated in the study 20% had to work for ten years until receiving a permanent position. 8% had to wait for more than 20 years.  The unemployment rate has not rocketed upwards because doctors are only unemployed for a few days which is why they do not contact the labour bureau. Also Physicians have to work many overtime hours due to the fact that their work has to be finished before the contract ends.

Future Workshops & Forums

A workshop on GP´s in training is planed together with the Irish Medical Organisation. Further detail will be published soon.

About the EJD and the Future of the Organisation

For further information about the “Main objectives of the EJD” please refer to the website of the EJD which is available on http://www.juniordoctors.eu