EJD Spring Meeting 2013

EJD Spring Meeting 2013
Friday, 10. May 2013 to Saturday, 11. May 2013
Prague (Czech Republic)

Representatives of 24 European Countries and Medical Organisations met on the 10th and 11th of May 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic, for the Spring Meeting 2013 of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) to discuss the main issues in medical education, producing the outcomes summarised in this document. 

May 2013
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Norwegian Junior Doctors re-joined EJD

With the Norwegian Junior Doctors the 20th national member enlarged the family of the European Junior Doctors. This will further strengthen the position of the EJD and subsequently of Junior Doctors in Europe.
Along with guest and observers from Sweden, Turkey and UK Junior Doctors from all over Europe are now cooperating to improve Junior Doctors working condition. This will at the end lead to a better and safer health care system.

Statement on discrimination of doctors in Slovakia

At its General Assembly, held on 11/05/2013 in Prague, the European Junior Doctors (EJD) discussed the future of healthcare in Europe. Among other topics, the unusual and alarming development in Slovakia, where the proposals set out to change §38 and §63 of Act 587/2004 will result in discrimination of doctors and healthcare workers, was discussed. The EJD approved a statement against discrimination of doctors in Slovakia and sent it to official authorities.

Statement on Funding of Medical Training

Well organised and financed medical education and postgraduate training are the basic elements in ensuring a functioning Health Care Systems in Europe. To reach these goal the European Junior Doctors released a political statement regarding this issues which can be found online at http://juniordoctors.eu/news/statement-funding-medical-training.

European Politics / Brussels Office

EJD gained political strength with the new Brussels Office. Reports on several meetings on European level were presented at the EJD Spring Meeting 2013 in Prague. The impact of EJD policies on the European level is continuously growing. The Executive Board lobbied successfully together with other EMO´s regarding the final negotiations on the Qualification Directive. Also the initiated "Task-Shfiting-Project" was developed further. Besides that, the "European Reference Networks in Health" was discussed and an updated on the EJD Position Paper of 2009 will be prepared.
EJD furthermore enlarged the information service for its members. A new section on the website was introduced, which allows registered members to gain further information on European topics, such as the Working Time or Qualifications Directive. This will be extended in future.

Working Groups

A new Working Group "Social Media" was installed. The aim is to provide Junior Doctors with information regarding the careful use of Social Media in the medical field. First results are expected in the next meeting.

The Working Groups on "Salary and Demography" and "Emergency Medicine" are currently updating their data. Results of the drafted surveys are expected in the Autumn Meeting.

eHealth & ePortfolio

As follow up on the successful Workshop organized by EJD and the UEMS Section of Cardiology in January a participation of Junior Doctors in the Med-e-Tel Congress in Luxembourg in April could be arranged. EJD speakers were part on the opening ceremony and an own session named “eHealth: Junior Doctor's Perspective and Future Implications” was successfully organised. The results were presented in Prague. As both topics are crucial for free mobility of Junior Doctors, EJD will increase its activities in this field besides the already promoted European Medical Mobility Project. (http://www.medicalmobility.eu)