EJD Spring Meeting 2011

EJD Spring Meeting 2011
Friday, 6. May 2011
Zagreb (Croatia)

Representatives of 18 European Countries met on the 6th and 7th of May 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia, for the Spring Meeting of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) to discuss the main issues in medical training, producing the outcomes summarised in this document.

May 2011
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Official Registration

Since February 2011 the EJD are officially registered under the Belgium Law (AISBL). Due to formal issues at this point of time only 14 of the former PWG Members signed into the “new” EJD. In the Zagreb Meeting 4 more were accepted as full members, so the EJD has now 18 national member organisations all over Europe. Furthermore, there are five more national medical organisations that have started the process for an EJD membership.
In addition of the new Statutes, that have been approved in the Amsterdam Meeting in October 2010, the EJD created and approved the new Rules of Procedure. These shall join the relevant information on several internal procedures of the EJD. Also elections had to be taken to accomplish the process.


For the first time the EJD held elections under the new Statutes and Rules of Procedures. The following persons were elected as the born members of the Executive Board:

President: Carsten Mohrhardt (Germany)
Vice-President: Hrvoje Vrazic (Croatia)
Treasurer: Homayon Chaudry (Switzerland)

The Chairpersons for the following Committees were elected and appointed as additional members to the Executive Board:

EU / EEA: Pedro Gomes (Portugal)
Postgraduate Training: Indre Butiene (Lithuania)
Medical Workforce: Noora Ritamäki (Finnland)

Further the Plenary appointed the following persons:

Communications Officer:
Marco Capizzi (Italy)
also appointed as Member of the EB
Medical Education Officer: Anna Savinkova (Latvia)
AMEE Representative: Francesco Silenzi (Italy)
UEMEO Representative: Luis Monteiro (Portugal)


Summary of Mandate 2009-2012

Past president Bernardo Pinto summarized his legacy.  He reported both on the activities since the last EJD meeting as well as on the overall balance of his mandate. One of his main tasks was the translation and submission for voting of the new statutes which were approved and registered before. Besides that, the maintaining of a continuous dialogue to those European countries that either left, e. g. France, or still not joined the EJD was the next important task. Lobbing and influencing the process of the revision of the EWTD was another main issue in his legacy, as also the EQD. The health workforce issue still remains an open issue. Another important project was the discussion of the mental health in doctors and burnout under their WG on mental health.  In terms of other European organizations, the cooperation with AMEE was developed and EJD had now nominated a member for the Executive Committee meetings of this organization.

During the legislation period of the former president, EJD engaged with the EMOs and embraced the project of Domus Medica. The cooperation with EMSA was fruitful, but there were no concrete developments as each presidency mandate there was of a year only. The last point on the strategy was health inequalities under which a memorandum was signed with Engera, EOE. The topic on health recruitment personnel was also developed but work had to be proceeded.

EJD Brussels Office and European (political) activities

The EJD will continue its lobbying actions in Brussels. For that purpose EJD will deploy its own lobbyists and representatives in order to assure an active work In terms of lobbying on the European level aimed to increase the influence of the EJD. For that reason, the EJD will also participate in the Domus Medica.

Image of the EJD

The new elected President, Carsten Mohrhardt (DE), made it a priority to develop the new image of the EJD. Due to the structural and name change, the EJD will have to create a new logo and corporate identity as well as a new website. This will be done within the next 3 month..

UEMS Sections / Boards / MJC

The EJD elected several new Representatives for the UEMS Sections / Boards / MJC to continue the successful cooperation like done for years now. The full list can be found on: http://juniordoctors.eu/boards_sections_and_mjcs.


The member countries arose the issue of the electronic health system. On the one hand, the new electronic system appears to be practical and effective in terms of easing of all medical procedures. But on the other hand, the electronic system may be a challenge regarding its implementation as well as data privacy protection.