EJD Autumn meeting 2016

Friday, 7. October 2016 to Saturday, 8. October 2016
Porto (Portugal)

Representatives of 19 European Countries and Medical Organisations met on the 07th and 8th

October 2016 in Porto, Portugal, for the Autumn Meeting 2016 of the European Junior Doctors

Permanent Working Group (EJD). All past presidents were invited for this meeting to celebrate 40th EJD anniversary, which was marked with publishing the booklet on history of European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group.

EJD board express gratitude for Portuguese delegation for perfectly planned and hosted Autumn Meeting 2016.



The 40 years’ anniversary of European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) was celebrated during this meeting. There were all past presidents of EJD invited to attend this meeting.

EJD board was very glad to welcome Per Vag-Hansen (DK), Hans-Ueli Wuersten (CH), Alex Van Bolderen (NE), Fátima Neves (PT) on behalf of Eduardo Marques (PT), Rui Guimaraes (PT), Bernardo Pinto (PT) and Carsten Mohrhardt (DE) in the celebration ceremony, which started with guided tour to wine cellars followed by welcoming speeches and presentation of 40th anniversary booklet on history of EJD.

Working Groups

During this meeting EJD working manners and working groups were reconsidered. Some of the previously active working groups has reached their goals or lost relevancy for time being and been put on hold. General assembly focused on four main working groups for reaching EJD objectives – “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA)” under EU/EEA committee, “Free movement of doctors” under Postgraduate Training Committee, “Equal rights for pregnant doctors” and “Physicians’ wellbeing” under Workforce Committee. All working groups now have terms of reference with clear goals and deadlines.


Working group on TTIP and MRA was very productive and prepared “Position statement on new Mutual Recognition Agreements with non-EU/EEA member countries”, which was extensively discussed and accepted by General Assembly.

“EJD statement on Junior Doctors’ Wellbeing, Stress and Burnout”, which summarizes the relevance of stress and burnout amongst Junior Doctors and emphasizes, that these problems shouldn`t be dealt individually and should be addressed systemically by providing a healthy work environment, support from colleagues, access to supervision, recognising the difficult nature of our profession and helping to develop coping strategies - was accepted by General Assembly.


Since Spring Meeting 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, EJD board was running without communication officer, which was causing difficulties in EJD workflow. General Assembly received an application for Communication officer position from Czech junior doctors` delegation. Jan Prada was unanimously approved for joining EJD board. UEMO liaison Officer position is still open for applications. Six EJD delegates were elected as UEMS representatives – Carsten Mohrhardt (DE) for Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Mariana Brandao (PT) for MJC Oncology, Lenneke Schrier (NL) for Paediatrics, Sofia Ramiro (NL) for Rheumatology and Kristina Beržinytė (LT) as a vice representative for Paediatrics.