EJD Autumn Meeting 2015

EJD Autumn Meeting 2015
Thursday, 22. October 2015 to Saturday, 24. October 2015
Oslo (Norway)

Representatives of 24 European Countries and Medical Organisations met on the 23th and 24th of October 2015 in Oslo, Norway, for the Autumn Meeting 2015 of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD)

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New members
The EJD is proud to welcome back the British Medical Association as a full member after five years of absence. EJD President Carsten Mohrhardt welcomed the BMA delegation, which represents more than 37.000 young colleagues in the UK. He stated that the experience and workforce of the BMA will be an enrichment for the organisation. Furthermore, the EJD accepted the application of the Turkish Medical Association (TMA), represented by their Junior Doctors Branch, as an Associate Member with effect from 1st January 2016.

The Term of the current Executive Board is nearing the end and scheduled elections were held.
For the term of 2016 - 2017 the EJD Executive Board will be:
• President Sascha Reiff (Malta)
• Vice-President Clara Sofia Bratholm (Norway)
• Treasurer Frauke Gundlach (Germany)
• EU-EEA Committee Chairperson Kitty Mohan (UK)
• PGT Committee Chairperson Brigita Jazbar (Slovenia)
• Medical Workforce Committee Chairperson Tiia Maria Mönttinen (Norway)
• Communication Officer Efrem Colonetti (Italy)
• Administration Officer Aurimas Pečkauskas (Lithuania)

Elections were also held for other appointed persons:
• AMEE liaison Rille Pihlak (Estonia)

Statutes and Rules of Procedure
The changes to the statutes have been finalised and will be sent to the Belgian authorities by the end of the year to be officially published. The biggest change was the introduction of tiered membership, whereby eligible associations from non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries but within the Council of Europe can now apply to become Associate Members. Most prominently, this has allowed Turkey (TMA) to formalise their position within the EJD.

Brussels Office
The EJD will re-establish its Brussels Office in cooperation with CPME. Main fields of interest will be the screening of the activities of the European authorities as well as active lobbying for EJD positions.

Policy Papers/Statements/Motions
The GA approved the following documents which have also been published on the website:

Statement on ePortfolio
EJD supports the use of ePortfolios as an effective way to track training progress. With this statement we are recommending a set of minimum standards that we believe should be respected in order to fully achieve the true potential of ePortfolios.

Policy Paper on Management and Leadership
EJD believes that management and leadership skills are a core competence for doctors and as such should be an integral part of both undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes.

Motion of Support for UK Doctors
EJD wholeheartedly supports BMA junior doctors’ efforts to stop the UK Government from imposing a new contract on junior doctors that would compromise patient safety and devalue junior doctors.

Call for Improved Training and Working Conditions for Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors in Ireland
EJD together with the Irish non-consultant hospital doctors calls on the Irish government and health authorities to take urgent steps to improve the training and working conditions of Irish non-consultant hospital doctors (NCHDs) in order to stop an exodus of Irish doctors.

Future Meetings, Workshops & Forums
The EJD Spring Meeting 2016 will be held in Lithuania on the 13th and 14th of May 2015 in the wonderful city of Vilnius.
In March 2016 EJD will be organising a workshop on ePortfolio / eLogbooks in Karlsruhe, Germany in cooperation with the Marburger Bund and the Medical Chamber of Nordbaden / Germany. Further details will follow.

About EJD
For further information about the “Main objectives of the EJD” please refer to the website of the EJD which is available on http://www.juniordoctors.eu