EJD Autumn Meeting 2012

EJD Autumn Meeting 2012
Friday, 19. October 2012 to Saturday, 20. October 2012
Malaga (Spain)

Representatives of 23 European Countries and European Medical Organisations met on the 19th and 20th of October 2012 in Malaga, Spain, for the Autumn Meeting of the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group (EJD) to discuss the main issues in medical education, producing the outcomes summarised in this document.   

October 2012
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Impact of the Crisis on Junior Doctors

Several national reports pointed out that due to the economic crisis and decreased funding for health care systems the working conditions for Junior Doctors have worsened dramatically. Income reduction, training limitation and problems with pension funds are only some points on a long list, which concerned the EJD. After long and unsuccessful negotiations Junior Doctors in Portugal, France, UK, Estonia and other countries were on strike. The EJD fully supports these actions with the aim of safeguarding the interest of Junior Doctors, and keeping good medical standards. Only by further improving the working conditions migration of Junior Doctors is preventable and patient safety can be guaranteed.

New Seat of the Organisation & Brussels Office

With effect of the 1st of October the EJD started the Brussels Office in cooperation with the BFB and moved its official seat to the new address, Rue Montoyer 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Main goals of the Brussels Office will be to keep EJD Members informed on on-going topics on EU Level and to promote the political will of the EJD towards the responsible European Authorities.

Qualifications Directive

Together with other EMO´s the EJD signed a joint statement on the Qualification Directive, which was sent out in August 2012. The EJD also renewed the amendments sent out before and will further lobby in Brussels in the final phase of the renewal of the Directive.

David Gorria, Guest Speaker and General Secretary of the European Region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, reviewed the process and pointed out common points of interest. Further cooperation in lobbying will be considered.

New developments of PGT

The President and Vice-Present gave a summary on given presentation in international congresses about postgraduate training. Major developments are the turnover from time-based curricula to competence-based curricula and the implementation of modern training methods as skills labs, continuous direct feedback and self-teaching programs. The EJD will implement these ideas into the renewing process of its policies of PGT.

Working Groups

The Working Group on “eHealth” identified for Junior Doctors the relevant fields in eHealth and defined the aims and the actions to be taken. A separate report is available.

In the Working Group of “ePortfolio”, existing systems from European countries like Spain, Finland, UK and Germany were shown and discussed. The Working Group will identify the useful ones and present the pros and cons in the next meeting.

The Working Group on "Salary and Demography" summarized the data received in a European survey. First results showed a huge difference in salary, working hours and conditions all over Europe. To make the results more comparable and transparent more data will be needed. Cooperation with FEMS was initiated, as there is similar data existing. The aim will be to publish the data on the European Medical Mobility website until next year.

The “Task Shifting” Working Group discussed several existing models such as the physician assistant, nurse practitioner or simple overtaking task by other health care professionals. Findings were that the task shifting process is handled very different in Europe. Special attention was drawn to legal issues, as tasks are often shifted without clarifying the responsibilities of the shifted task. The issues will be a subject of discussions as well as a topic on a planned workshop in the EJD Autumn Meeting 2013.

The Working Group on Emergency Medicine is preparing a workshop for the EJD Spring Meeting 2013 in Prague.

Based on the Policy on Management and Leadership the General Assembly implemented a Working Group, which shall assess the situation in the member countries and prepare recommendations.

Bologna Process

A draft on a policy on the Bologna Process was presented to the General Assembly for further discussion. Main topic of interest will be the implementation of the third cycle in postgraduate training. The draft will be circulated among the members and will be expected to be approved finally in the EJD Spring Meeting 2013.

European Medical Mobility Project

The EMM website was re-designed and re-launched in October 2012. It is providing information regarding Medical Education and Specialisation in Europe including contact addresses, information on working conditions and salaries. The data will be updated regularly and general information of mobility of professionals in Europe will be provided in future. For details see http://www.medicalmobility.eu .


The new designed edomusmedica.eu website means a step forward in the presentation and communication of European Medical Organisations as well as in building a more powerful voice representing doctors in Europe. It provides quick access to information about the European Medical Organisations, their main aims, contact data, international agendas and common statements and policies. For details see http://www.edomusmedica.eu .